We offer the Drink Driver, Drug Driver as well as the Intensive Drink/Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs which may help you avoid future related offences. The programs are designed to meet re-licencing requirements as determined by VicRoads.

Upon successful completion of these programs,  participants are presented with a Program Completion Certificate. This document is essential for Licence Eligibility and needs to be provided to Vicroads in order for a Licence to be issued. Evidence of completion of the Drink Driver and the Intensive Drink Driver BCP will also need to be produced to an Interlock provider for the installation of an Interlock to a vehicle.

Drink / Drug Drive Course Fees

  • Drink Driver Behaviour Change Program:
    Our fee includes the VicRoads Government Cost Recovery Fee and GST
    Full Fee $367
    Concession Fee $320

  • Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program:
    Our fee includes the VicRoads Government Cost Recovery Fee and GST
    Full Fee $387
    Concession Fee $334

  • Intensive Drink/Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program:
    Our fee includes the VicRoads Government Cost Recovery Fee and GST
    Full Fee $795
    Concession Fee $734

  • 2 hour Pre-Interlock Removal Assessment
    Includes GST: $215

A deposit is required to guarantee registration in a program, as numbers are limited. The VicRoads Government Recovery Fee is $34 for concession card holders or $67 for non-concession card holders and MUST be paid to us prior to the commencement of a program; this fee can also constitute as a deposit.


Conditions of Enrolment

Conditions of Attendance :

  • Proof of Identity and Eligibility
  • Attend the Entire Program
  • Attend on Time
  • Be free of alcohol or drugs
  • Complete all Components of the Program
  • Participate in and Complete the Required Tasks and Activities
  • Contribute to Program Activities and Group Discussion
  • Complete Program Activities within the Participant Handbook
  • Pay All Fees
  • Consent to the VicRoads requirements of Data collection and use – form sent to you for approval

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Attendance while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is not permitted. Alcohol should Not be consumed prior to attending a session, as it is a requirement that you attend with a Zero Blood Alcohol Concentration. Failure to observe these conditions will result in exclusion from the program.

Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed entrance to a session. Please try to arrive at least five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time to allow sessions to commence and finish on time.

Missed Sessions
Any session which is missed, for whatever reason, will need to be completed and may delay your completion of the program. Missing the first session of a program will result in exclusion from the entire program and a need to be re-booked into a future program.

Conduct – Exclusions
Clients who behave in a disruptive, unruly fashion or who attend a session under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be excluded from or asked to leave that session and will not be eligible for reimbursement of fees, and may also be excluded from future sessions.

There is a No Smoking Policy inside the building During the program. There is a designated smoking area outside the building.

Licence Cancellation Details
If you have not already done so you need to supply the details of your licence cancellation on the first session of the program in order to complete administrative details. Your BAC, date of licence restoration as well as any previous convictions you may have is necessary information.

All information that you volunteer during the program is Strictly Confidential and shall not be released to any other agency without a detailed written consent from you.

At the completion of the programs you will be issued with a Certificate verifying that you have completed the VicRoads Behaviour Change Program.

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