Purchase of personal breathalysers for blood alcohol level testing can aslo be made directly from us.

If you are a member of our Drink Driver Program please contact us directly about prices.

Andatech Alcosense Precision Breathalyser

  • Australian Standard AS3547 certified
  • Law enforcement grade breathalyser
  • High grade platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor
  • High level of accuracy with 4-digit reading
  • Bright Blue LED display
  • ideal for Professional, workplace safety, medical, and industrial use

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It will need recalibration after 500 breaths or every 6 months, and like all breath measuring devices it has a small error rate of 0.005% so it should be considered a guide as to your breath analysis. It will measure mouth alcohol in products, Listerine, cough mixtures etc so be careful when using the device after consuming some foods or ethanol based products.

You need to register this product with Andatech to ensure your warranty.

.05 Licence Back accepts no responsibility for the use and care of this device as this is the concern of the owner of the device.